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We've all been there. We look in the mirror, feeling surprised and disappointed at our aging, saggy, not-so-smooth skin. Sagging skin is a result of loss of collagen as we age, leaving our skin with less structural support than it used to have. The remnants of our teen years are also visible in the form of acne scars and stretch marks on our face and elsewhere, creating a rough texture. Well, these issues are a thing of the past! The brand new Morpheus8 by InMode tightens and smoothens the skin while greatly reducing acne scarring and stretch marks, giving you the fresh, sleek look you've always desired!

What are the benefits of Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 utilizes fractional radiofrequency, which selectively emits radio waves (hence the term “fractional”) and delivers targeted thermal energy, firing up your skin's natural ability to generate collagen. It's as if your skin returns to a state when collagen production was at its peak! In addition, Morpheus8 goes deeper than its little brother Fractora, reaching the subcutaneous layer for an added fat-remodeling effect. It also lessens the appearance of stretch marks and acne scarring, making it a truly versatile beauty tool; what's more, it is suitable for any part of the body, including the love handles, belly, and thighs. Most patients report a significantly softer and tighter appearance of the skin due to increased collagen and reduced roughness after a series of 1-3 treatments. For even greater skin tightening and resurfacing, patients may wish to consider additional treatments.


How does Morpheus8 work?

Morpheus8, like Fractora, releases electromagnetic radiation, a form of energy that propagates as waves. Morpheus8 delivers the energy to the skin through an array of microneedles on its tip, which are longer than Fractora's, allowing deeper penetration and ablation of the epidermis (more on that later). The light we see, microwaves, WiFi, and radio waves are all different forms of this electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic waves released by Morpheus8 are similar to radio waves (don't worry, these are completely safe and FDA approved), and when they hit the skin, their energy level is just high enough right to penetrate the epidermis and reach the dermis and subcutaneous layers, where the magic happens. When the energy hits the dermis, it stimulates your body's natural production of collagen, a protein in your skin responsible for its structure and firmness. As we age, collagen production declines, leading to wrinkles and looseness. By boosting its natural generation, we can counteract this process, allowing you to age more gracefully. In essence, Morpheus8 revitalizes your body's natural beautification process, making it appear natural and not over-the-top like some surgical procedures. The microneedles on Morpheus8's tip puncture and ablate the skin below the epidermis, causing controlled and minor injury to the tissue. The skin responds to these micro-injuries by greatly increasing collagen levels, restoring structure, firmness, and smoothness to the skin while reducing acne scarring and stretch marks to a lesser extent. In essence, the combination of micro needling and radiofrequency kicks the dermis into action, initiating a healing process that leaves the skin supple and youthful after a series of treatments. An added bonus is the length of the microneedles; they allow delivery of energy to the subcutaneous layer, giving a fat remodeling effect to further produce tight, supple skin. Generally, those with sagging skin notice the best results from Morpheus8, while those who are after more powerful acne scar reduction may consider our Fractora treatments.


The treatments are performed under topical numbing cream for pain control, and if needed, nitrous oxide can be offered to those who prefer even more comfort. Most of our patients have pursued their treatment series without experiencing significant discomfort. Unlike most other lasers and similar light therapies, Morpheus8 treatments are safe and effective on all skin tones. Not only does Morpheus8 reduce acne scars, tighten saggy skin, and reduce stretch marks, but it remodels underlying fat to further tighten the face.


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