Fat Reduction & Muscle Building

Experience magnetic resonance that stimulates 20,000 muscular contractions within 30 minutes while building abdominal muscles and killing fat cells with Emsculpt®. Destroy fat cells with the deoxycholic acid injections (the active ingredient in Kybella®) in a variety of areas, including the double chin and other pockets of fat.

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Diet, exercise, rinse and repeat. The results can be minimal and the progress can be slow, and worst of all, you may gain weight again. Diet alone won't build a stunning set of abs, and neither will exercise, and even the two combined don't always provide the most effective way to create the physique you want. With Emsculpt® and deoxycholic acid injections, this is all stuff of the past! Reduce fat nonsurgically and build muscle with these revolutionary treatments!

What are the benefits of non-surgical fat reduction & muscle building?

Emsculpt® is essentially a bio-hack: it causes your muscles to contract rapidly and more forcefully than any voluntary contraction could. A typical 30 minute treatment can produce around 20,000 contractions, which is a serious workout! These contractions build muscle and kill fat cells, leaving you with the sexy six pack you've always wanted. Emsculpt® is suitable for men and women and can be used on numerous parts of the body, including the abdomen, glutes, arms, and more. The procedure itself is painless, and in the days after, you will feel like you had a great workout. Emsculpt® is an excellent way to nonsurgically reduce fat while building muscle!

Deoxycholic acid injections kill fat cells directly. Deoxycholic acid is actually a molecule that your body produces to dissolve fat in the digestive system. The simple treatment destroys fat in small areas, such as the under-chin area, leaving it looking slimmer and more toned. For the under-chin area, this means a tighter-looking jaw and chin area, helping reduce the double-chin we all hate! Because it literally digests fat, it is an extremely powerful tool for nonsurgical fat reduction! Note that the fat cells do not regenerate once they are dead; the procedure is permanent.

How do non-surgical fat reduction & muscle building work?

Emsculpt® emits electromagnetic radiation, a form of energy that propagates as waves. It emits wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation that trigger your motor neurons to fire at astounding rates. The forcefulness and speed of these contractions are significantly above anything your brain could produce on its own, and as a result, the muscle grows more quickly than growth produced by typical workouts. Because of the intensity of these contractions, fat cells undergo apoptosis, the process by which cells effectively die in a controlled fashion. In other words, we are able to achieve two goals at once: build muscle and reduce fat! In doing so, we can tone and shred many areas of the body. For areas of the body where you might want to retain fat, such as the buttocks, Emsculpt® comes with a protocol designed to prevent fat destruction, allowing the client to maintain their ideal shape. The procedure is highly customizable depending on whether or not you want fat destruction in a particular area! Read more about Emsculpt® here.

On the other hand, deoxycholic acid kills fat cells more aggressively in smaller pockets of fat. It can be used basically anywhere on the body to destroy and reduce fat. Deoxycholic acid is most commonly injected under the chin, a problem area for 67% of people surveyed by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Because the fat cells are destroyed, they will not store fat again, so the results are permanent. Note that we do not use Kybella® per se, but the active ingredient and actions of both is the same. Read more about the science of Kybella® here.

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