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Tired of shaving unsightly body hair, only for it to pop up again days later? Well, at Park Avenue Esthetics, our laser hair removal destroys hair, so you can stop spending on razors and start enjoying your gorgeously silky skin! We use the advanced Triton to perform this procedure. The Triton is a fast, high powered, safe, and comfortable laser treatment that offers the very best in laser hair removal!

What are the benefits of Triton?

Triton uses advanced laser hair removal technology to greatly reduce hair follicles. Its multi-wavelength functionality allows us to emit two different wavelengths simultaneously for hair removal, ensuring the treatment of all hair and skin types, without compromising safety or efficacy. 


How does Triton work?

The Triton is unique in the laser hair removal world because of its dual-wavelength technology, as it uses two laser wavelengths at once to fully destroy problematic hair follicles. There are two possible combinations: 755/810 nano meters, and 810/1064 nano meters, with the former being used for lighter hair, and the latter for darker hair. The difference lies in the absorption strength of different pigments; lighter pigments don't absorb light as well, so they need higher energy lasers (shorter wavelengths) for effective follicle destruction, while darker hair absorbs light more readily, making lower energy lasers (longer wavelengths) more suitable. This is what makes the Triton so versatile, as its dual-wavelength nature captures all hair colors, allowing for effective hair removal with potentially fewer treatments. It also has a built in skin cooling surface, one of the largest for all hair removal devices. Most clients note that Triton is more comfortable than other solutions.


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